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September Reiki Training

Fairbanks, Alaska

Dancing Light Orchid Flower Essence Consultations and Essence infusions ~ click here

Essences are powerful tools to support your inner growth and transformation. A consult gives you the opportunity to express what you wish to address in your life, how they can assist you in shifting on many levels and creating the changes you want.

Essence Infusion sessions - Gong vibrations together with the subtle energies of the orchid essences creates a gentle inner journey with the essences to help them move effortlessly through any resistance to help you to open to your limitless self, where you can make new internal agreements from your own vast inner awareness.

Heart and Soul Centered ~ (Self Realization Retreats ~TBA)~ click here

Individual and group Self Awareness guidance to release what isn't the real you so you can know and live as who you truly are; live as a brighter light shining in this world.

Gong Bath - group and personal sessions ~ click here

Letting Go of Stress and anything else with Sound Vibrations.

Reiki 1st & 2nd degree training and individual treatments~ click here

Being attuned to Reiki opens you to flow the healing energies of creation through yourself to others.

Focalizing - personal sessions ~ click here

A guided inner journey to open, release, create yourself the way you want to be. This gentle process allows you to release constricted energies from the body and nervous system opening you to a greater flow of life force within yourself.